Individual Counselling and Psychotherapy & Group Therapy

Individual counselling and psychotherapy

Your set of circumstances are unique to you. That is why our counselling and psychotherapy is specifically tailored to your situation.

Group Therapy

Interpersonal group therapy is a powerful medium for exploring relational issues. Improve your ability to genuinely connect with others and feel better about yourself through safe, supported group therapy.

Counselling and psychotherapy 

that’s just right for you

We co-create a therapeutic experience that is right for you with an outcome-oriented approach to meet your needs. Whether counselling for specific issues such as depression, anxiety and relationships, or exploring lifelong negative thought patterns through psychotherapy, we work with you to bring insight and clarity to your situation. With newfound self-awareness and strengthened resilience, you will gain the necessary skills to lead a more authentic, fulfilled life.

We can help you with individual and group therapy across a range of issues:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety and excessive worry
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Grief and loss
  • Trauma
  • Men’s issues
  • LGBTIQ+ issues
  • Substance use
  • Self-esteem
  • Life dissatisfaction

Anxiety & Depression

Intense feelings of helplessness or anxiousness can cloud judgement and leave us struggling with day to day tasks. Many people suffer from depression and anxiety; however, fear or shame can get in the way of seeking help. It takes courage to seek therapy, yet doing so can be immensely rewarding. Counselling and psychotherapy for anxiety and depression can help you once again find balance and regain control of your life. 


As children, we need to be fed, loved, kept safe and protected. If we grow up without a secure attachment relationship, we can struggle with feelings of low self-worth and have difficulty relating to others as adults. Childhood trauma has been strongly linked to depression, anxiety, substance use, and other adulthood issues that undermine our personal growth. While it can be painful to delve into the past, facing and acknowledging our childhood begins the healing necessary for greater peace of mind and an increased sense of well-being.


Our lives revolve around our relationships with others, whether with a partner or spouse, family member, friend, or work colleague. We all experience relationship difficulties at some point. While this is common, there are also times when we may need some professional guidance and counselling to navigate relationship issues, such as ending a toxic relationship or setting healthy boundaries.


Despite the advances in legislation and some positive wins in the past decade, the LGBTIQ+ community still faces unique challenges and ongoing discrimination. We offer counselling and psychotherapy across all issues through an LGBTIQ+ lens, whether it relates to sexuality and identity or for a different matter altogether. We explore whatever problem you are facing in a safe, non-judgemental and sensitive manner.


Trauma occurs when we experience or see something very distressing which leaves us feeling vulnerable and powerless. This can in turn lead to continued feelings of helplessness and fear even long after the event has passed. Through gentle guidance, we explore unresolved emotions to gain clarity and acceptance.

Trauma can occur as a result of, but not limited to:

  • Psychological, sexual and physical abuse and/or violence
  • Abuse or maltreatment in childhood
  • Loss of income, livelihood or home
  • War and other life threatening situations
  • Natural disasters

Individual counselling and psychotherapy

Your attitudes, beliefs, experiences and circumstances are unique. We tailor counselling and psychotherapy to create a therapeutic experience that is right for you. We work with you to identify critical issues, focus on the outcome you want, plan ways to address these issues and select the right tools for you to manage any similar cases in the future. We aim to empower you to make decisions and create long-lasting positive change so that you can experience joy and contentment both now and in the future.

Group therapy in Sydney and Online

We offer interpersonal group therapy for those who would like to work through relational issues in a safe, supportive group environment. This professionally guided setting allows you to explore how you relate to others by focussing on and sharing thoughts and feelings as they occur during the session. Group therapy will enable you to uncover and address maladaptive relational patterns, gain insight into your beliefs and attitudes, and work on establishing healthy boundaries with others.

Resolve. Uplift. Engage.

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