Psychology & Psychotherapy in Sydney and Online

Are you seeking personal growth and improved well-being?

Explore the intricacies of thought and behaviour with our evidence-based psychological services. We offer a systematic approach to understanding your emotions, thoughts, and actions, equipping you to navigate life’s challenges, enhance your relationships, and lead a fulfilling life.

Our collaborative and tailored support aims to empower you towards psychological resilience.

Whether you’re tackling stress, anxiety, depression, or simply wish to gain deeper self-insight. Our team is ready to guide you on this journey.

Anxiety & Depression

Excessive stress and worry about past or future situations can be unbearable. Together, we explore fears and hopes and put the focus on acceptance and the things you can change.


Childhood experiences shape our values and beliefs, which are expressed as attitudes and behaviours in adulthood. Sub-optimal upbringing can profoundly impact our ability to thrive. With compassion, we explore the past to heal the present.



Positive, healthy relationships are crucial for our wellbeing. We work on building and maintaining quality connections with partners, family members, friends and colleagues.



We are an LGBTIQ+ friendly practice and embrace diversity. We offer psychology and psychotherapy and specific support for issues relating to sexuality, gender, and challenges unique to the LGBTIQ+ community.

Our gentle yet challenging process can support you to:

  • Learn coping skills and resilience
  • Stop unproductive habits
  • Grow confidence and self-esteem
  • Cultivate a state of wellbeing
  • Master the way you manage your life
  • Build meaningful and lasting relationships

We provide support for:

  • Individuals
  • Groups

Psychology and Psychotherapy for wellbeing and resilience

Whether you are looking for support near Sydney or Online, Resolve Therapy is here to help you to reach psychological, emotional and relational well-being.

Life can be challenging and difficult to navigate at certain times in our lives. We promote integrative wellbeing to increase resilience. By empowering you with deeper insights about yourself and the many layers that you interact within your world, we help you uncover practical skills to resolve whatever issues you may be facing, now and in the future.

Are you ready for a different approach?

Group Therapy

Feeling stuck and unable to connect with others despite attempting various coping strategies? Our fortnightly Group Therapy Sessions will allow you to better understand your relational challenges with others in a safe and supportive environment. You will discover the power of connection as you and your peers work with a therapist to find effective ways to communicate thoughts and feelings. This journey to discover yourself and improve your relationships with others is a step towards long-lasting personal growth and positive change. Join us to break free from isolation and begin a journey of healing and connection.  

Meet the Founder: Vass Tsiakalis

Vass is a psychologist and psychotherapist based in Sydney, and the founder of Resolve Therapy. He specialises in trauma, relationship issues, support for the LGBTIQ+ community, and psychedelic integration therapy. With a Masters in Counselling & Psychotherapy and a Bachelor of Psychological Science, Vass brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his practice. He is not only a certified group therapy facilitator but also a registered psychologist, ensuring a broad and inclusive approach to mental health.

 Understanding the importance of a safe and comfortable environment for seeking support, Resolve Therapy offers a free, confidential 20-minute introductory consultation. Book a time with us to explore the therapeutic approach that best suits your needs. We are here to assist you on your journey to healing and growth.

Resolve. Uplift. Engage.

Connect to your inner-self and express your authenticity like never before.